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I’m a freelance/solo/experimental bassist/composer/producer and arranger. I recently graduated from music college in London.

I compose ambient/melodic soundscapes, using 6 string fretted and fretless Modulus Quantum basses, an eBow electric bowing device, my MacBook and various guitar effects pedals.

My musical influences include Brian Eno, Steve Lawson, Robert Fripp, William Basinski, Thomas Koener, Phillip Glass and Steve Reich.

My recorded tracks are mixed so that sometimes they are barely audible, so listening through a good pair of headphones is highly recommended.

I intend my music to draw the listener in, and for the listener to become - for a brief moment in time - part of the music.

None of my music was composed with an idea in mind of how it should or would sound when finished, it just happens and develops, I like the indeterminacy of this type of music, not knowing where it will take you, and what will happen next.

I'm always interested in collaborating with other people, musicians, producers, artists, poets etc, please contact me if what I do interests you.

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An ending ascend
London, UK
I’m a freelance and solo bassist, soundscapist, and composer.
I produce music under the artist name An ending ascend. A name influenced by the title of a 1983 track by composer Brian Eno.
I compose and record ambient music. I also compose/improvise and perform, solo bass melodic soundscapes using a six string bass guitar, an ebow, a MacBook, and occasionally using a reel to reel tape recorder.

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